What's the Meaning Behind Each Number Of Roses

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand the meaning behind different quantities of roses, making it easier to convey your feelings perfectly.

I mean.. Who doesn’t love roses? I have personally sat in a Grab Car ride before, and within the small talk, I explained that I work in a flower shop and the first thing he asked was “How much for roses? I want to buy it for my wife,” he smiled as we were going through the Malaysian traffic jam together.

But then the question escalated further into his interesting stories of specifically giving 7 stalks of roses for his wife as a reminder for him that he loves his wife every day - 7 times a week.

We at HUABAR FLOWER have always believed that flowers have long been a beautiful way to express feelings, with roses standing out as the quintessential symbol of love and affection. Each color and number of roses in a bouquet carries a unique message.

1 to 3 Roses: New Beginnings and True Love

  • 1 Rose, Love at first sight or "You are the one" ; 唯一的愛、情有獨鍾、 一見鍾情、你是我的唯一、心中只有你                              
  • 2 Roses, Mutual love and affection    ;  代表我們、心心相印、世界只有我倆                          
  • 3 Roses, "I love you" ;  我愛你

6 to 12 Roses: Deepening Emotions

  • 6 Roses, Infatuation or "I want to be yours" ;  順心如意、順利、願你一切順利
  • 7 Roses, "I'm infatuated with you" ;  每天想妳
  • 9 Roses, Eternal love or "We'll be together forever" ;  長相守、天長地久、彼此相愛久長、永久的擁有
  • 10 Roses, Perfect love or "You are perfection" ;  我心中完美的妳(你)、對妳全心投入、十全十美的祝福、完美的愛情
  • 11 Roses, Deep love or "You are my treasured one" ;  最愛、最愛的你、雙雙對對、一心一意、今生最愛還是你!
  • 12 Roses, Be mine or "I'm yours" ; 我是你的,你屬於我

13 to 25 Roses -  Friendship, Apologies, and Congratulations

  • 13 Roses, Friends forever or secret admirer ;  暗戀、你是我暗戀中的人,友谊长存!
  • 15 Roses, I'm sorry or "Please forgive me" ;  道歉
  • 20 Roses, Sincere belief or "I'm truly sincere towards you" ;  永遠愛你,赤誠之愛!
  • 21 Roses, Dedication or "I'm dedicated to you" ;  代表真誠的愛,你是我的最愛、唯一
  • 24 Roses, Thoughtfulness or "I'm thinking of you 24 hours a day" ;  24小時不間斷想妳,一天我就想妳24個小時
  • 25 Roses, Congratulations or  wish you all the happiness in the world ;  想要給對方帶來幸福

36 to 101 Roses - Reminiscing, Genuine Love, and Uniqueness

  • 33 Roses, You love her the most and want to love her forever or  signifies affection 愛你三生三世,愛你生生世世
  • 40 Roses, Genuine love or "My love for you is genuine" ;  堅定,誓死不渝的愛情
  • 50 Roses, Unconditional love or "My love for you is boundless" ;  你是我無悔的愛
  • 56 Roses, Simply means ‘love’ 從當下開始,一點一滴為愛努力
  • 99 Roses, Forever or "I will love you until the end of time" ;  愛你久久
  • 100 Roses, Total devotion or "I'm completely devoted to you" ;  百分百愛你
  • 101 Roses, You're my one and only ;  你是我的唯一

108 to 999 Roses - Proposals and Everlasting Love

  • 108 Roses, Proposal or "Will you marry me?" ; 你願意嫁給我嗎?
  • 365 Roses, Love every day or "I love you every single day" ;  天天想妳
  • 999 Roses, Eternal love or "My love will last until the end of time" ;  天長地久

Whether you’re celebrating a budding romance, expressing deep affection, asking for forgiveness or making a grand gesture of everlasting love - the number of roses in your bouquet can speak volumes. Use our guide to choose the perfect number of roses to match the sentiments you wish to convey, making your floral gift to the person you love even more meaningful and unforgettable.


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