Everything You Need To Know About Roses

If you’re the lovely sender or lucky recipient of roses this year, keep reading to find out more about how to care for them!

They’re sent with guard petals

Have you got bruised-looking petals on the outside of your rose? Don’t worry, they’re guard petals. They are the flower’s oldest petals so they can look tired and brown. But we leave them on on purpose because they’re really tough so they act like bubble wrap (protecting the perfect inner petals) en route to you.

How to get rid of the guard petals

It’s easy! Just pinch them away from the base of your rose (there should only be a few of them). You’ll discover perfect petals beneath!

They bloom over a few days

The guard petals keep the inner-rose petals so safely tucked up that it takes a few days for them to fully open up (and look like their picture).

5 ways to make your roses last longer

Follow these simple care tips and your roses will give you 5 days (or more) of beauty!

1. Trim them on arrival

After travelling to you, the ends of your stems will be hard and dry. And if you don’t trim them, it’s like trying to make your flowers drink from a bottle of water without taking the cap off! Trim at least 3-5cm off your stems and they’ll be able to drink and rehydrate faster!

Top tip: Always cut them at an angle so they have the most surface area to drink from!

2. Prune some leaves away

Take off any leaves that will fall below your waterline of your vase. Or they’ll just deteriorate. Then dirty the water your stems drink. And make them fade faster!

3. Give them plenty of water

We recommend filling your vase ¾ full of fresh water and flower food. Flowers don’t like drinking dirty water, so refresh your water and flower food every few days. If your vase isn’t clear, check the water level every day!

4. Find the right home

Keep off windowsills and away from radiators or your bouquet will dehydrate fast. Also (randomly) avoid keeping them next to fruit as it releases gasses that make flowers fade!

5. Re-trim them every few days

Re-trim your stems by 1cm every few days. This will help them to keep drinking water easily!

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