Things You Didn’t Know About Peonies

Peony season really is the most-loved flower season.

And our collection is now live! 


To celebrate their return, read on and learn a little more...

1. The hashtag #peonies has over 2.3 million posts on Instagram.

Why not use this time to get creative with yours? Coral peonies are in season from now 'til the start of May, then the pink and white varieties are around from May-June. So you've got some time to play! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #huabarflorals for the chance to feature on our grid.

2. A golf-ball sized bud will open up to three times its size

It's pretty impressive. So don’t worry if your peonies look small the day you get them, they’ll burst open in a day or two.

3. Peonies symbolise good fortune and a happy marriage

And it’s this symbolism (as well as their beauty) that makes them such a popular choice for spring wedding bouquets.

4. Blink and you’ll miss them

They're only in season from late April to mid June!

5. Ours come from France, Holland and China

While peonies are originally native to China, they’re grown all around the world. We pick the highest-quality ones from fields in France, Holland and China then send them straight to you, so you get to enjoy them for longer.

6. There are hundreds of peony varieties

Our favourites are the Coral Charms, which have magical colour-changing petals, and Sarah Bernhardts, which are a dreamy powder-pink colour and especially blousey.

7. Peonies can produce nectar, even when cut

Noticed your peonies feeling sticky? Don’t worry. As they bloom they produce a sweet nectar. It’s not sure why but one thought is that it helps the petals slide over each other when opening. You can wipe it away with a damp cloth if it bothers you though.

9. Peonies travel best in bud

Not only is it safer for the flower if you send them when they’re in bud, it also means we can fit more in our letterboxes and you get to enjoy them for longer in your home. 

10. You can help your peonies open up faster

If you have an event and you want your peonies to bloom quickly, all you need to do is pop them in a sunny, warm room and this’ll speed up the process for you!

11. Peonies have a short-but-sweet vase life

Our peonies will give up to 5 days of beauty. Want them to last longer? Keep in a cool room away from direct sunlight and this might help, along with re-trimming your stems and refreshing your vase water every few days.